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What Is A Joint Venture 

Many real estate investors reach a point where they have run out of money for down payments or closing costs. Joint Ventures can push your investing business forward by creating win-win situations that build your wealth.


When two or more parties partner together to achieve a common goal, they are called joint venture partners. As the name implies, they are joining together in a venture. In the real estate realm, generally one partner will offer the expertise, and the other partner will have the finances to make a real estate deal proceed. Many investors reach a point in their career where they have run out of available funds for down payments or closing costs, and would be willing to share the potential profits (and the risks!) with someone who has the money. Pooling experience, knowledge and skill with money can make many more real estate purchases possible. 


Joint venture agreements can be structured to suit an endless variety of possibilities. No two deals will be exactly the same. Decisions will have to be made in several areas, usually regarding the level of involvement of each partner, the payout terms at the end of the agreement, and how partners will be accountable to each other. Before signing any legal documents regarding a real estate purchase, it is very important that both prospective joint venture partners obtain independent legal advice.


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