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Home Staging...Making The Most Of Your Home

Real estate competition can be fierce.  If you are serious about selling your house, home staging might just give you the best chance.


Letís face it, real estate competition can be fierce. Often there are too many houses and not enough buyers in the market. When you are serious about selling your house, itís fairly easy to get ahead of the opposition by consulting with a home staging business. 

While unheard of just a few years ago, former home decorators or real estate agents are offering their services to home sellers, offering advice to make the most of your particular house, with the view to helping your house sell faster and for more money. Some stagers will offer to bring in their own crews to make the transformations, while some may give you the option of doing the work yourself for a smaller fee. 

There are differences between a home decorator and a home stager. A decorator will work with your furniture, artwork, and personal bric-a-brac to make your home a warm and inviting living space. A home stager, however, will probably recommend that you remove most of your personal items in order to allow prospective buyers to picture themselves in your house. 

Taking out all the clutter, cleaning and polishing windows, floors, mirrors and light fixtures, and decorating with a few well-chosen simple objects will help to make your home appear larger and brighter. A home stager may recommend that you rent a storage locker to store items not used on a daily basis, empty out closets to make it appear that storage is more than adequate, and put away anything such as toothbrushes, nightwear, and your other personal daily essentials before a home showing. One of the best ways to help your house sell faster than the average listing, and for nearer to your asking price, is to hire a home stager. If you canít find anyone in the yellow pages, you can check the local on-line ads or ask your realtor to recommend someone. There is generally a small fee for an initial consultation, but you will probably find the services of a home stager to be worth every penny.



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