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How To Get Started In Real Estate Investing

Over 90% of millionaires have made their money through investing in real estate.  Learn how to get started!

How To Get Someone Else To Pay Down 
Your Mortgage

Imagine being able to own a home and have someone else pay your mortgage. Sound too good to be true?  It's not. Thousands of people are doing it right now.  This article explains how and gives all the information you need to live mortgage-free.

Working With A Realtor

Tips for understanding what a Realtor will do for you...and what you can do to either help them find you a home, or sell your house. 

Home Staging: Make The Most Of Your Home

Real estate competition can be fierce.  If you are serious about selling your house, home staging might just give you the best chance.

10 Tips For Selling Your Home

A few basic elements can help you sell your home faster. Learn what you can do to make your home more attractive to potential buyers. 

Know Your Rights!

Whether you are a tenant, landlord or a landlord's agent, it's a good idea to know your rights!

Articles on buying, selling & investing in apartments, condos & houses.

How Does A Rent-To-Own Really Work

You see the ads everywhere, but how does it work and is a rent-to-own deal right for you?  

How To Prepare Your House For Selling

In the aggressive world of real estate where there are often more sellers than buyers, itís only common sense to prepare your home so that it will look its very best, giving you an edge over your competition. There are many ways to give your house a sparkle without having to pay an arm and a leg.

What Is A Joint Venture?

Many real estate investors reach a point where they have run out of money for down payments or closing costs.  Joint Ventures can push your investing business forward by creating win-win situations that build your wealth. 

How To Buy Your First Home

This how-to guide for first time home buyers is full of good tips to make the process as painless as possible.

Buying Vs Renting

Are you ready for the responsibility of owning your own home? Some potential home buyers should rent and not buy...at least for now. How can you tell when it's time to buy?

How To Choose A Realtor

Don't just pick anyone! Choosing a realtor that will work hard for you can involve some strategic thinking. Read this article to find out how a good realtor can make a difference.

How To Have Happy Tenants

As all landlords know, when your rental unit becomes vacant it can be both costly and time-consuming to find a new tenant.  Keeping your current tenants happy is a great business strategy to maximize your profits.  Read some tips on how to keep your tenants happy and less likely to move out.   



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